Car-T-Cell Candidates

wChimeric Antigen Receptor T cells (CAR-T) are genetically engineered T cells that are modified to express an artificial T cell receptor on their surface that binds and targets cancer proteins in an HLA-independent manner.

We are developing an allogeneic placental T cell platform derived from the postpartum human placenta. Placental T cells are engineered with CAR expression, and knockout of endogenous T cell receptors (TCR) termed P CAR-T.

Unlike adult peripheral blood mononuclear cell derived T cells, placental-derived CAR T cells are mostly naïve (CD45RA+), expand readily ex vivo, express markers of stem cell memory, and have lower expression of effector or exhaustion markers, allowing for greater proliferative potential of these cells in vivo.

P CAR-T cells are in development for the treatment of hematological and solid tumor indications. We have demonstrated that pCAR-T cells exhibit potent anti-tumor activity both in vitro and in vivo.


Allogeneic P CAR-T with TCR KO